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Classical Silica TLC Plates

Excellent Separation Efficiency for a Broad Range of Substances

Classical silica TLC plates are suitable for the analysis of pharmaceuticalsMerck’s classical silica TLC plates enable the analysis of virtually any substance when combined with a suitable mobile phase. They cover nearly 80% of applications for adsorption and partition thin-layer chromatography. The plates are based on our proven silica gel 60 combined with a unique polymeric binder, resulting in a uniform and hard surface that will not crack or blister. The smooth and extremely dense surface coating ensures narrow chromatographic bands for maximum separation efficiency with lowest background noise. This is of particular importance for applications such as scanning densitometry.

Application Areas

Classical silica TLC plates are particularly suitable for:

  • In-process controls in drug synthesis
  • Identity and stability testing of drugs
  • Quality control of pharmaceuticals, food and environmental compounds
  • Residue analysis in food and environmental samples

Complete Range for Maximum Convenience

Classical silica TLC plates are available with glass, aluminium or plastic backings in a wide range of sizes, from 20 x 20 cm to 2.5 x 7.5 cm. The plates have a layer thickness of 250 μm for glass, or 200 μm for aluminium or plastic sheets, with a mean particle size of 10 to 12 μm. The flexible aluminium or plastic sheets can be easily cut with scissors to suit individual separation requirements.

Fluorescent Indicators for UV Detection

For UV detection of colorless substances, our classical silica TLC plates are available with two types of inorganic fluorescent indicators: green fluorescing F254, or blue fluorescing, acid-stable F254s. Both indicators fluoresce in UV light at an excitation wavelength of 254 nm. Samples which absorb shortwave UV at 254 nm are detected due to fluorescence quenching. We also offer special high-fluorescence LuxPlates®, which contain a larger amount of fluorescent indicator for more enhanced detection.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for a broad range of TLC applications
  • Extremely robust surface will not crack or blister
  • Available as glass, aluminium or plastic in various sizes
  • Offered with or without fluorescence indicators F254 or F254s

Application Example

Analysis of a sulfonamide mixture on a classical TLC silica gel 60 F254 plate

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