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Photometers, Reflectometers and Turbidimeters

Spectroquant® for Reliable Photometric Measurements

Spectroquant®Perform your internal quality control operations reliably and securely with Merck´s Spectroquant® system. It offers over 170 different competent and simple solutions for testing

  • drinking water
  • surface water
  • process water
  • municipal or industrial wastewater
  • beverages

or for performing disinfection control.

Reflectoquant® System - The Mobile Laboratory for Reliable On-Site Analysis

Reflectoquant® system Merck's Reflectoquant® system is a mobile reflectometer laboratory. It allows to perform critical analyses and obtain quantitative results from test strips directly on site for

  • agriculture
  • food or water analysis
  • hygiene monitoring
  • industrial analysis

Turbiquant® System for Turbidity Measurements in the Laboratory and On-Site Analysis

Turbiquant® system Merck´s Turbiquant® system offers you the right solution for turbidity measurements in

  • drinking water
  • wastewater
  • industrial process water
  • the food industry

in the laboratory as well as directly on site.


REACH Allows COD Tests
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Spectroquant® Pharo

Wastewater Test Kits
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