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PyroDetect System


The Pyrogen Test that Mimics the Human Reaction
to Pyrogens using Cryopreserved Blood

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The PyroDetect System was the first Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) kit available on the market. Our PyroDetect system uses cryoblood (frozen human whole blood) as a source of monocytes and interleukin-1β as a read-out in the ELISA.

PyroDetect Key Benefits

  • Easy assay procedure
  • Physiological: PyroDetect uses human whole blood so the reaction is as close as possible to the human reaction
  • Standardized: PyroDetect is a blood derived product involving cryopreserved human whole blood pooled from 8 to 10 donors.
  • Robust application: PyroDetect allows a broad range of pyrogens to be detected
PyroDetect Kit

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With the PyroDetect System we have a verified non-animal alternative to replace the rabbit pyrogen test following successful product-specific validation and are pleased that we can continue to meet the expectations of our clients by offering a high quality in vitro method capable of detecting both endotoxin and non-endotoxin contamination.

Dr. Joanna Greenhough -- R&D Scientist at Wickham Laboratories Ltd.

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The human(e) alternative in pyrogen testing.

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