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Absorption and Adsorption Reagents

Merck provides premium absorption and adsorption reagents for a wide variety of laboratory applications: from purification, separation and decolorizing to drying as well as the absorption of CO2 and other gases. Our product portfolio comprises CO2 and H2O absorption tubes, calcium oxide made from natural marble, activated charcoal with enormous adsorption capacity, extra-pure graphite powder, molecular sieves for drying gases and liquids as well as soda lime for absorbing CO2 from air and other gases.

With absorption and adsorption products from Merck, you benefit from high quality and purity, excellent take-up capacity for a wide range of substances, and various packaging sizes – for maximum flexibility and reliability. Many of our absorption and adsorption reagents are especially eco-friendly. For example, our activated charcoal and calcium oxide are made from selected natural raw materials.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
102109 Calcium oxide from marble
106733 Sodalime
106107 Absorption tube for H₂O
104206 Graphite
105741 Molecular sieve 0.3 nm
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