Milli-Q® Integral System


Milli-Q® Integral SystemMilli-Q® Integral SystemMilli-Q® Integral SystemMilli-Q® Integral System

10 Ways to Boost your Lab's Performance with the Milli-Q® Integral system

In today's tough economy, laboratories must "do more with less," and as a consequence, lab professionals are continuously looking for ways to increase their productivity. An often overlooked starting point is the lab's water purification system: water is the most commonly used laboratory reagent, and as such, the quality of laboratory water has a significant impact on all phases of life science and analytical analyses, and on lab productivity.

This interactive e-Mag shows you how the Milli-Q® Integral system makes it possible to conveniently produce pure and ultrapure water from tap water — from the same system! Users have pure and ultrapure water at their fingertips, with delivery from ergonomic E-POD® and Q-POD® water dispensers. Colorful and fun to use, the Milli-Q® Integral is illustrated with customer testimonials, animated segments and videos.

Curious? Then try it out for yourself! It's free!

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