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Dangerous Goods

Information is Key to any Safety Program

Customer Issue: The proportion of hazardous goods in total freight traffic is increasing at a rapid rate. The different conditions under which goods are carried by land (road, rail and inland waterway), sea and air are the reason why there are numerous differences in the regulations that are binding each type of carrier. Global compliance must be assured for packaging, labelling, placarding and shipping descriptions. You know that dangerous substances may only be carried on public transportation networks as long as are adequate measures are in place to ensure that they can be moved safely. Often specific transport regulations must be obeyed and then you need to know more about the measures and specific requirements for packing and transporting of dangerous substances.

Merck's Solution: Merck has compiled a poster containing information on safety labelling based on laws and regulations governing dangerous goods and shipments. With our online catalogs we offer you all information concerning the transportation of dangerous substances. Additionally, on our Web site we provide you with a basic introduction to the transportation of dangerous substances. Here you will find the terms, e.g. UN No., hazard label, transport classification etc., and abbreviations used throughout the catalog. Furthermore, we offer you information about permits and classifications obtained for hazardous goods transport for each of our 30,000 products.

Benefits for you: Now you have quick and easy online access to the different conditions under which goods are carried and specific transport regulations for hazardous substances. We offer you a summary of how the particular hazards posed by the substances must be identifiable, and provide additional information concerning the transport of dangerous goods. With us you get all your information at a glance.



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