What are customers saying about the Millicell HY cell culture flask?

One customer on his colleague’s success story:

"If everything goes perfectly with her T75 flask culture, it takes 8 flasks of cells to give the same yield as one 3-layer Millicell HY flask. BUT, according to Denise, the T75 flasks give inconsistent yield, so she actually uses 9 flasks to ensure she gets the same yield as from one 3-layer Millicell HY flask. She says that the Millicell HY flask gives her consistent growth, and that with her cell line and the Millicell HY flask, she can count on 24 million cells from every flask.”

One customer cites top reasons for using Millicell HY cell culture flasks:

“The top reasons why I like using these flasks:

  • Space saver in incubator for when we are growing up cells for a screen. 
  • Able to screen more plates per day; easier to manage 15 flasks at a time versus 50! 
  • Yield and growth rate comparable to single layer flask. 
  • Increases our throughput dramatically."