On-Demand Webinar

Ion Exchange Chromatography for Protein Production Part 1:
Basic Principles and Introduction to IEX

Duration: 1 Hour
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Frech, Head of the Institute for Biochemistry, University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim, Germany
  • Dr. Lothar Jacob, Ion Exchange Chromatography, Product Manager, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany
Abstract: Based on recent advances in biotechnology, the introduction of protein and peptide drugs is growing rapidly. Nearly all applications require a high purity. Thus, efficient chromatographic column separations are necessary. The most important technique is ion exchange chromatography (IEX). This technique results in high purities combined with high recoveries while the operational costs are rather moderate. In addition, for ion exchange steps, scale-up can be done efficiently from laboratory to production. Join us as we discuss the basic principles of ion exchange chromatography. Learn how to set up the right separation protocol and hear more about critical parameters of this chromatography step.

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