On-Demand Webinar

Scalability and Robustness of the MobiusĀ® Bioreactor Platform

Duration: 1 Hour
Speaker: Lee Madrid, Ph.D., Consulting Engineer, Merck

Abstract: Upstream processing is shifting to single-use bioreactors due to their advantages over traditional stainless steel reactors. The MobiusĀ® single-use bioreactor platform consists of 3 L, 50 L and 200 L vessels that are scalable and robust in cell culture applications. This presentation will compare our scalable platform from 3 L to 50 L to 200 L. We will describe the engineering and cell culture performance, as well as the ability of these reactors to function as seed and production vessels. A comparison of mixing time, volumetric mass transfer capabilities, temperature mapping and power input will define the process design space where accurate monitoring and control can take place. In addition to physical characterization comparison, data presented will also include CHO cell production in a GMP and process development environment.

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