On-Demand Webinar

Using a 3-L Disposable Bioreactor to Increase Your Throughput Development Capacity

Duration: 1 Hour
Speaker: David Balbuena, Process Development and QC Manager, Merck

Abstract: During therapeutic protein process development, it is critical for the process to be efficient and economical, particularly when you have limited capacities. One method to address these concerns is to use a disposable bioreactor, which is designed to greatly reduce turnaround time, enabling operators to focus on other value-added activities. Disposable 3-L bioreactors can provide similar results as glass versions and can also be representative of large scale processing. This webinar will present data that shows how disposable bioreactors can support process development activities. A comparison of disposable 3-L bioreactors, 1250-L stainless steel bioreactors and reusable 3-L bioreactors will be shown.

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