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BioReliance® Product Characterization Services

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Hear from our scientific experts about how we can help you navigate the complex world of biological drug development. Get insight into topics that directly impact your success to clinic. Learn about the product characterization process, new technologies, and new applications.

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Biotherapy Characterization: Cell-Based Assays

Senior Scientist Agata Burzawa, MSc, explains how we can provide you with rich data sets to help you understand your complex biotherapy faster. Using limited volumes of samples for testing, our scientists employ leading technologies that integrate cytokine release monitoring with immunophenotyping of cells within the same sample.

Biotherapy Characterization: Binding Assays

Senior Scientist Helen Hsu, Ph.D. describes how, with our custom binding assays, and supported with our comprehensive off-the-shelf Fc gamma receptor binding assays, we can help you optimize your mAb production, from clone development through upstream and downstream processes.

Explore What's Next in Product Characterization

The complexities of biological manufacturing, the large size of the molecules, and the product heterogeneity introduced by cellular expression systems present significant challenges to measuring the quality of a biologic drug. Newer, high-resolution analytical techniques help answer questions regarding product heterogeneity and drug functions, and help assess for product-related aggregates and impurities.

Understanding Cytokine Activation

Product Characterization Scientist, Rachel Wood, introduces the multiplexed cytokine release assay. A highly sensitive assay that requires low sample volumes to measure the cytokine release activity induced by your mAb.

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Get insight into topics that directly impact your success to clinic. Learn more from our white papers, videos, webinars, and posters.

Knowledge Center

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