Leadership Team


Robert Nass
Head of Quality & Regulatory Management

Robert Nass is Head of Quality & Regulatory Management. In this role, he will be responsible for overseeing all quality-related topics for the Life Science Quality Management System and for the regulatory compliance of the Life Science products and services.

Nass was Vice President and Head of Quality & Regulatory Management for Merck, where he led the implementation of Quality Management Systems that foster a culture of quality assurance throughout the division. This organization ensures that products are registered according to applicable regulations.

Nass held several positions within Merck, including Vice President of Corporate Quality Assurance, Director of Quality Operations in Darmstadt, and Director of Quality in France. Prior to joining the organization, Nass worked for Hoffman-La Roche as an Assistant Manager for the manufacturing of Sterile Products.

Nass holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy and has passed the German state examination.