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BPMCVD01 WideScreen® BeadPlex® Mouse CVD Panel 1

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      Replacement Information

      EMD Millipore is focusing our development and operational efforts on our in-house MILLIPLEX MAP assays. This line of products offers over 700 different analytes, in multiple research areas, species, and both circulating and intracellular biomarkers. This product has been discontinued. Please use the following MILLIPLEX MAP kit for your future studies: MILLIPLEX MAP Mouse Acute Phase Magnetic Bead Panel 2 (Cat. No. MAP2MAG-76K).

      xMAP® technologies is multiplex bead-based assay platform that allows for sensitive, precise quantification of multiple analytes within a single sample. For the detection of proteins or peptides, the assay kits often utilize the familiar sandwich or competitive immunoassay formats (e.g. ELISA). Unlike ELISA though, the target analytes are captured on differentially fluorescently-dyed beads. This differential allows for the detection of multiple analytes from the same sample in the same well. The BeadPlex® assays are run by combining the sample(s) with the capture antibody-coated beads. The specific analytes from the sample are captured on the beads and are then subsequently identified with detection antibodies and a fluorescent label using an appropriate instrument. A major advantage over traditional protein quantification methods (such as ELISA) is the capacity for multiplexing, as bead-based assays allow simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes in a small sample volume.

      Panel Overview

      Conditions that affect the heart or vasculature are termed cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and include hypertension, congenital heart disease, and coronary heart disease. As a group, CVDs are a heterogeneous set of conditions with numerous causative and accessory factors. Atherosclerosis (narrowing and hardening of the arteries), internal bleeding and blood clots, inflammation, infection, genetic and environmental factors underlie many CVDs and are the subject of large and growing research and therapeutic efforts.

      The BeadBlex mouse CVD Panel employs bead-based sandwich immunoassay methodology to detect any one or more of the following analytes associated with mouse cardiovascular disease in suspension:

      • Clusterin/ApoJ
      • C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
      • Cystatin C
      • Haptoglobin
      • Serum Amyloid P (SAP)

      Panel Components

      Storage: All components of the BeadPlex Mouse CVD Panel 1 are shipped at 2 to 8°C. Upon receipt, store all kit components at 2 to 8°C. Do not freeze.

      The BeadPlex Mouse CVD Panel 1 is available in two kit configurations:
      • Complete Kit
      • Mix and Match Format

      For utmost convenience, end-users may order the BeadPlex Mouse CVD Panel 1 - Complete Kit (Cat. No. BPMCVD01-5). This kit contains all respective capture beads and all components in the BeadPlex Mouse CVD Panel 1 - Base Kit. Desired capture beads will need to be pre-mixed prior to running the assay. The Base Kit contains enough components to assay one 96-well plate.

      For maximum flexibility, end-users may configure their own customized multiplex assay through the Mix and Match Format. This format consists of a BeadPlex Mouse CVD Panel 1 - Base Kit (Cat. No. BPMCVD01-BASE) and a customized choice of any or all analyte-specific capture beads from Technical Bulletin (TB539). The Base Kit and selected components contain enough reagents and buffers for 100 tests.
      Catalogue NumberBPMCVD01
      Brand Family Novagen®
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