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Mobius® Single-Use Bioreactors

Our bioreactor portfolio has been designed to ensure that ease-of-use and operational flexibility at small scale can be translated to full-scale production.

New Emprove® Dossier for Mobius® Bioreactors meets regulatory and quality needs.

Scalable, Simple, Smart and Reliable

Mobius® Single-Use Bioreactors are a scalable portfolio of stirred tank bioreactors that provide flexibility by configuring software, hardware, and single-use assemblies for use in fed-batch and perfusion applications.

The Mobius® Bioreactor family includes the bench scale (3 L), pilot-scale (50 L and 200 L) , and clinical scale (1000 L and 2000 L) bioreactors that enable cell culturing capabilities for early process development through clinical batch production. The bench scale Mobius® 3 L Bioreactor is a rigid stirred tank bioreactor while the Mobius® 50 L, 200 L, 1000 L and 2000 L large-scale bioreactors are inflatable stirred tank Flexware® assemblies used in stainless steel vessels.

Superior mixing capabilities throughout Mobius® Bioreactor Family

200L Mixing
2000L Mixing

The Mobius® Single-Use Bioreactors Portfolio

The Mobius® Single-Use Bioreactors were designed with ease-of-use features in mind for your process development, pilot, and clinical scale applications.
  • 5:1 turndown ratio
  • EZ fold technology, which allows for automatic deployment of the Flexware® assembly
  • X-Baffle for homogeneous mixing
  • Multiple Sparger Options
  • PureFlex Film

* To optimize the handling of single-use assemblies above 1000L, the 1000L and 2000L have additional benefits
  • A vessel drawer
  • PureFlex Plus Film

Mobius® 3 L Bioreactors

The Mobius® 3 L Single-use combines the predictability of a stirred tank design with the flexibility of single-use, making it the ideal solution for bench scale cell culture process development.
  • Ready to use – comes pre-assembled and gamma irradiated.
  • Utilize your existing controller – eliminate the need to purchase additional capital.
  • Comparable functionality to conventional glass bioreactors
  • Scalable to our larger offering of bioreactors, ranging from 50L to 2000L

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