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Trichomonad Staining for Bacteriology


Trichomonad Staining: Rapid Detection

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/LE-Trichomonad staining-120x95-08262013.jpgTrichomonad parasites are especially common in gynecological material, such as vaginal smears and urine sediment. For microscopic diagnosis, staining solutions are required for visualization of the parasites.

For the detection of trichomonads in bacteriology, we offer ready-to-use staining solutions and kits, such as Cytocolor® or Neo-Cytocolor®. These rapid staining kits are the optimal choice as they provide reliable results within just 2 minutes. Furthermore, Cytocolor® or Neo-Cytocolor® staining solutions and kits are CE certified IVD products. This guarantees their applicability for clinical diagnostics as well as for laboratory accreditations and certifications.

Cytocolor® and Neo-Cytocolor™

Cytocolor® is used to identify Trichomonas vaginalis in cytological smears. The Cytocolor® staining set uses the standard stain acc. to Szczepanik, and delivers reliable results in about 3 minutes. The Neo-Cytocolor™ kit operates in the same way and with the same speed as Cytocolor®, but also offers the advantages of xylene-free Neo-Clear® and non-aromatic Neo-Mount®.

Cytocolor® and Neo-Cytocolor™

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Cytocolor® and Neo-Cytocolor® rapid staining kits and solutions for the detection of trichomonads

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