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Accuracy and Reliability: Indicators for Titration and Other Applications

Merck offers a large portfolio of high-quality indicators for observing chemical reactions. Our wide range of different products in various packaging sizes enables you to obtain all the indicators you need for your application from a single source. In particular, indicators from Merck enable you to precisely determine the endpoint for a wide range of titration types.

Our portfolio includes acid-alkali (pH) indicators, complex or metal indicators, fluorescence indicators, redox indicators as well as special indicators that we tailor to the exact requirements of your applications. In order to offer you a consistently high level of quality and reliability, we fully utilize our technical expertise and powerful analytical resources. All our indicators are extensively tested to ensure accurate and reproducible results.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
107225 1,10-Phenanthroline monohydrate
106078 Methyl red sodium salt (C.I. 13020)
104724 Indigo carmine (C.I. 73015)
109176 pH-indicator solution pH 9.0 - 13.0
104593 Hydroxynaphthol blue
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