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Process Monitoring
Processing Steps

It’s essential to ensure that your product is safe from microbes and other contaminants every step of your process. Our easy-to-use microbiological testing solutions enable you to quickly and accurately identify the presence of airborne and liquid microbial contaminants in your raw materials, in-process samples, and final product samples as well as within your environment.

Merck's wide range of monitoring tools makes process monitoring easier, more efficient, and cost effective. Our rapid microbiology detection technology helps you identify potential microbial problems earlier in your process, enabling you to take corrective action sooner rather than later -- saving you both time and money.

In-Line Sampling

Rather than just testing your final product, performing in-process testing or in-line sampling allows you to build quality into your beverage by monitoring microbiological conditions throughout your process in just a few simple steps.

Water Monitoring

Since water is the main component of your product, the quality of your water is of the utmost importance throughout your process. With Merck’ proven process monitoring products, you can easily monitor your water for the detection of microbial contamination.

Product Testing

Product testing is essential to consistently produce a safe, high quality beverage. With Merck's advanced filtration devices, you can easily detect and verify potential product contaminants before they become problems.

Rapid Detection

Our rapid detection methods allow you to identify microbial contamination earlier in your process. This significantly improves product quality management, and the ability to release your beverage to market sooner.

Air and Surface Monitoring

Because your production environment is a potential source of contamination, it is essential to have the appropriate testing systems and procedures in place to ensure the safety of your beverage process, and the safety and quality of your product.

Air Monitoring

Surface Monitoring
Surface monitoring allows you to add another level of reliability and safety to your beverage production when you monitor microorganisms on your equipment and other surfaces.

Media and Incubation

From general and differential media, to specific media for problem organisms, Merck’s high performance media solve your media problems when time, equipment, and personnel may be in short supply.

We offer media in convenient, single test 2 mL plastic ampoules, eliminating the manipulation of glass ampoules and avoiding the waste and spoilage associated with bulk packaged media.

Milliflex® Quantum Rapid Detection System

Milliflex® Quantum
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