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Scepter™ 2.0 Cell Counter Performance

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Enhance Your Cell Counting Data Using Scepter™ Automated Cell Counter.

With the latest generation, Scepter™ 2.0, your cell counts are enhanced with new analytical powers: precise cell counts, reliable cell counts…and faster cell counts.

Precise Cell Counts

You work too hard to lose data to erroneous cell counts. Be confident that your counts are right the first time. Scepter™ counting gives you the precision of the Coulter Counter at a price you can afford.

The Scepter™ cell counter is more precise than vision-based counting and hemocytometry, displaying smaller average coefficients of variation. The percent coefficient of variation (CV) was calculated for each dilution of each cell line for each counting system. Shown are the average %CVs (over all 19 cell lines) with respect to cell concentration and counting method. In the operating range of the Scepter™ cell counter, it is more precise than vision-based counting, and hemocytometry.

The Scepter cell counter data provides you with more precise cell counts than other cell counters or hemocytometers
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Reliable Cell Counts

We've tested dozens of cell types – including adherent, suspension, differentiated and progenitor cells – to validate the Scepter™ 2.0 cell counter’s precision and operating range.

To obtain the data below, cells of various types (adherent cancer cells (HeLa), suspension differentiated cells (U266, K562), suspension insect cells (SF9), and mesenchymal stem cells) were harvested and counted with a Scepter™ cell counter and 60 µm Scepter™ sensors. Counts are averages of 4 replicates, and error bars represent standard deviation.

The Scepter cell counter data provides you with more reliable cell counts validated across a variety of cell types

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Faster Cell Counts

Scepter™ counting is 7-10 times faster than hemocytometry, and faster than other automated counters, too. With Scepter™ technology, you’ll save time and eliminate tedium.

The time required to perform cell counts using various methods was compared using a 500,000 cells/mL sample. Scepter™ counting (14 seconds on average, using a 60 µm sensor) is significantly faster than any of the other cell counting methods. Using 40 µm sensors, Scepter™ counts are complete within 25 seconds, on average (data not shown).

Using the Scepter cell counting technology, your cell counts are available faster than with existing hemocytometers or other cell counters

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