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Contact Plates for Air Monitoring


Maximum Safety for Active
Microbial Air Monitoring

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ICR/ICRplus, RT/RTplus Contact Plate for
Active Air Monitoring

With an increasing need for effective air monitoring in all areas where airborne microorganisms may contaminate or affect industrial products and processes, air monitoring has become increasingly important for all companies that manufacture in clean room areas with filtered air. Merck’s wide range of contact plates can also easily be used for active air sampling in combination with the different microbial air samplers of the MAS® series.

Our ICR/ICRplus and RT/RTplus Contact Plates are available in a wide range of formulations for use in critical and less critical environments:

heipha ICR/ICRplus Contact Plates

ICR/ICRplus Contact Plates

The ICR/ICRplus Contact Plates are triple-bagged and gamma-irradiated for air monitoring in isolators in critical clean rooms.

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heipha RT/RTplus Contact Plates

RT/RTplus Contact Plates

The RT/RTplus Contact Plates are single-bagged and non-irradiated for use in less critical clean rooms.

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Secure & Reliable
  • Data matrix barcode on each plate for paperless and secure identification of individual plates
  • Transparent, H2O2-impermeable triple-sleeve packaging for safe transportation in clean rooms and isolators 
  • CLOSED and VENT closure options of ICRplus and RTplus Contact Plates for safe transportation and variation of incubation conditions
  • Room temperature stability allows storage at site of use
  • Long shelf life for fewer incoming goods controls
  • Sabouraud Dextrose Agar in pink plates to make TSA and SDA plates easily distinguishable
  • A large variety of formulations for monitoring sanitized, dry surfaces
  • Supplemented with neutralizers of a wide range of disinfectants and ß-lactam antibiotics
  • New formulation of non-animal origin available for minimal risk of BSE contamination (in ICRplus plates only)