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Next Generation Clarification technologies: an Insight on Synthetic depth filters and Flocculating agents

Nov | 2017
  • Presenter: Nitish Kumar,Technology Specialist-TFF & Clarification
  • Abstract
    In this webinar, we present a complete separation solution that combines cell harvest pre treatment with a polycationic flocculating agent, followed by introduction of a new depth filter with Synthetic media which would reduce flushing requirements and eliminate the risk beta glucans can present, as well as increasing overall process capacity and impurity clearance during harvest. It also explores an implementation plan for these operations within a manufacturing environment.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    • Clarification solution for high cell density feeds
    • Benefits of using Flocculating agent lifecycles
    • Advantages of Synthetic Depth filter media

Intensified Perfusion: How a High Density Cell Culture Medium Can Positively Impact Your Upstream Productivity and Economics

Oct | 2017
  • Presenter: Delia Lyons, Head of Perfusion Medium Development
  • Abstract
    Cell culture medium is generally considered as the most expensive consumable in upstream continuous processes. Performing high cell density perfusion processes that are economically sustainable from clinical to manufacturing scales require a good understanding of the process and the metabolic requirements of the cells in order to minimize perfusion rates while maintaining the desired cell density, productivity and product quality profile.

    However, cell culture medium performance and its economics are not the only criteria to be considered when selecting the preferred supplier. Manufacturers need to be able to ensure business continuity for clinical and manufacturing processes, which depends greatly on the supplier’s supply chain sustainability and robustness as well as manufacturing capabilities and consistency.

    In this webinar, we will:
    • Provide an overview on current industry trends in the context of intensified processes
    • Show the economic benefits when using a cell culture medium designed specifically for perfusion processes
    • Discuss proactive risk measures suppliers need to take to facilitate the manufacturer’s business continuity and product quality

Intensified mAb Polishing: Linking Single Pass Tangential Flow Filtration with Anion Exchange Chromatography

May | 2017
  • Presenter: Thomas Elich, Applications Engineer
  • Abstract
    There is growing interest within the biopharmaceutical industry to improve individual unit operation performance by intensification and overall process train efficiency through linked and continuous processing.

    Single pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) technology can facilitate these process intensification efforts by modifying process intermediate volumes and concentrations without the need for recirculation. This webinar describes an approach linking SPTFF with Eshmuno® Q anion exchange resin for intensified mAb polishing. Results are presented which show that by pre-concentrating the Eshmuno® Q feed, improvements in resin loading, productivity, and process economics are realized as compared to using Eshmuno® Q alone.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • A new approach which combines SPTFF with Eshmuno® Q chromatography resin for intensified polishing.
    • How intensified polishing improves Eshmuno® Q resin utilization and streamlines processing.
    • Strategies to implement intensified polishing as either a batch step or combined with others in a continuous process.