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Spectroquant® – Photometric Test System for Water


Instruments, Test Kits, Sample Preparation, and More Than 200 Customer-Oriented Applications

Merck´s Spectroquant® system offers you more than 170 different competent solutions – whether for testing drinking water, surface water, process water, municipal or industrial wastewater, beverages or performing disinfection control. The system comprises an entire series of test kits, photometers and all the necessary accessories. It also provides numerous products for sample pretreatment and more than 200 different customer-oriented applications. Our Spectroquant® system even offers the necessary support when it comes to comprehensive AQA, guaranteeing the GLP-compliant documentation of your measurement results. Perform your internal quality control (IQC) operations reliably and securely!

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Maria Gonzales, laboratory head, trusts Spectroquant<sup>®</sup> test kits.

 "You can´t always trust what you see. So we trust Spectroquant® test kits instead."
Maria Gonzales, laboratory head
Quality control is like a final exam: you simply can´t afford to make mistakes. So when Maria and her team check key parameters in waste water or drinking water, they rely on Spectroquant® test kits. For validated, documented peace of mind – and full marks every time

The Spectroquant® System at a Glance

Spectroquant® Photometers & Accessories
Spectroquant® Photometers & Accessories

Spectroquant® colorimeters and photometers combine high measurement quality with simple handling. View Spectroquant® systems and our wide range of accessories for Spectroquant® Photometers.

Test Kits
Test Kits

Spectroquant® offers more than 180 test kits with competent solutions for the widest conceivable range of applications.

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Spectroquant® Thermoreactors and Accessories
Spectroquant® Thermoreactors and Accessories

Use Spectroquant® thermoreactors, crack sets and reagents for correct and comfortable sample preparation.

Spectroquant® Quality Assurance
Spectroquant® Quality Assurance

Benefit of Spectroquant´s perfect analytical quality assurance (AQA) thanks to certified standards, GLP-compliant documentation, and tools.

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USEPA Approved / Equivalent Methods from the Spectroquant® Range
USEPA Approved Methods from the Spectroquant® Range

You want reliable and accurate results in water and waste water analysis according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) regulations? See our broad range of USEPA-Approved / Equivalent photometric Spectroquant® methods.

Other Manufacturers' Programming Data & Test Kits
Programming Data and Test Kits for Photometers of other Manufacturers

You want to use Merck Spectroquant® test kits on a non-Merck instrument? No problem – we provide you with programming data for non- photometers and classical spectrometers, and even with Spectroquant® test kits for non-Merck instruments.

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The Advantages of Spectroquant® at a Glance

  • rapid and simple operation via the barcode system
  • selection between cell and reagent tests
  • validated and standard-compliant analysis methods

The scope of parameters is finely tuned to the requirements of your everyday operations and is constantly being expanded. Stringent controls of our raw materials, effective in-process controls and documented final controls are a confirmation for the consistently high quality. Today quality assurance is a decisive factor in water and wastewater analysis – after all, the results must be reliable. Only by ensuring start-to-finish quality-assurance measures your findings ultimately count as secure, reproducible, and recognized analytical results. Rely on measurement results with Spectroquant® tests!

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Move for Disinfection Control


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