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MAS-100® Systems for Food & Beverages

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Outstanding Accuracy in Air Sampling and Monitoring

The MAS-100® series of microbial air monitoring systems is designed for easy microbial monitoring of ambient air and compressed gasses in food and beverages manufacturing facilities. All instruments are using the Anderson impaction principle. The MAS-100 ECO® is designed specifically for Food and Beverages environments, whereas the MAS-100 CG Ex® is suitable for measuring compressed gasses such as compressed air, nitrogen, argon and oxygen.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Robust
  • Precise, reproducible measurements
  • Excellent collection efficiency
  • To be used with 90 mm standard petri dishes
MAS-100 ECO® and Accessories

MAS-100 ECO® and Accessories

The MAS-100 Eco® is ideal for applications in or out of the clean room and for air monitoring in food and beverages environment.

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APC ErgoTouch and Accessories

MAS-100 CG Ex® and Accessories

The MAS-100 CG® Ex Air Sampler is for use when there is a need to test compressed gases for microbial contamination.




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