Facilities Filtration Application

As an industry leader with more than 50 years of fluid management experience, Merck provides you with the tools, technologies, and expertise you need to make your process safer and more efficient every step of the way. This is a graphic depiction of the steps involved in a general facilities filtration process.

Facilities Filtration Processing Steps

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Process Monitoring Steps

Process Monitoring Steps Products
Microbial Enumeration Milliflex® Quantum,
EZ-Pak® + Microfil®, MicropreSure®, 55-Plus Monitor, Milliflex® Rapid
Rinse Water MicropreSure®
Air Monitoring M Air T

Process Steps

Process Steps Products
Clarification: removal of high-contaminant load Clarigard®
Prefiltration: protection of final filter for better economics Bevigard™-M
Final Filtration: water sterile filtration Vitipore® II 0.2 µm - Vitipore II 0.45 µm
Prefiltration: protection of final filter Polygard®-CR
Filtration: retention of particles and fines in chemical solutions Clarigard® 0.5 µm
Prefiltration: protection of final filter for better economics Polygard®-CN
Final Filtration: air or gas sterile filtration Aervent® 0.2 µm
Aerex® 2 0.2 µm
Final Filtration Aervent® 0.2 µm

Milliflex Quantum迅速検出システム

Milliflex Quantum


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