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UFC901024 Amicon® Ultra-15 Centrifugal Filter Unit

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      Replacement Information

      주요 사양표

      Key ApplicationsNMWLVolumeMinimum Final Concentrate Volume
      PExt, Protein Purification10 KDa15 mL200 µL
      Catalogue NumberUFC901024
      Trade Name
      • Amicon Ultra
      DescriptionAmicon® Ultra-15 Centrifugal Filter Unit
      Background InformationAMICON ULTRA-15 15ML - 10 KDa cutoff. Available in 3 pack sizes.
      UFC901008 - 8 pack
      UFC901024 - 24 pack
      UFC901096 - 96 pack

      High recovery Ultracel regenerated cellulose membrane in a range of molecular weight cut-offs
      High retentate recovery of greater than 90%
      Vertical membrane reduces concentration polarization for ultra-fast spin times (as fast as 10–15 minutes)
      Heat-sealed membrane minimizes downstream extractables
      100% integrity tested for reliable performance
      Convenient sample monitoring with translucent housing and volume gradations
      Direct pipettor sample access eliminates processing step to recover concentrate
      High concentration factors of 80–100X

      Concentration of biological samples containing antigens, antibodies, enzymes, nucleic acids, or microorganisms
      Purification of macromolecular components found in tissue culture extracts or cell lysates and protein removal prior to HPLS
      Concentration of dilute or pre-purified proteins from column eluents
      Desalting, buffer exchange and protein dialysis
      Product Information
      HS Code8421 29 90
      Filter CodePLGC
      Color CodeClear with pink cap
      Filter TypeUltrafiltration
      NMWL10 KDa
      Quality LevelMQ400
      ApplicationUltracel-10 regenerated cellulose membrane, 15 mL sample volume
      Key Applications
      • Protein Extraction
      • Protein Purification
      Biological Information
      Physicochemical Information
      Centrifugal ApplicationProtein Concentration and Desalting
      Length12.1 cm (4.807 in.)
      Diameter2.97 cm
      Filtration Area7.6 cm²
      Minimum Final Concentrate Volume200 µL
      Volume15 mL
      Materials Information
      • Regenerated Cellulose (RC)
      Device Material
      • Housing: Styrene/butadiene
      • Tube: Polypropylene
      • Cap and liner: Polyethylene
      Support MaterialRegenerated cellulose
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Packaging Information
      Material Size24
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information
      Global Trade Item Number
      카탈로그 번호 GTIN
      UFC901024 04054839076633



      Reference overviewPub Med ID
      Large-Scale Filter-Aided Sample Preparation Method for the Analysis of the Ubiquitinome.
      Casanovas A, Pinto-Llorente R, Carrascal M, Abian J
      Anal Chem  89(7)  3840-3846  2017

      요약 표시
      28260372 28260372
      A complex of Protocadherin-19 and N-cadherin mediates a novel mechanism of cell adhesion.
      Emond, Michelle R, et al.
      J. Cell Biol., 195: 1115-21 (2011)  2011

      요약 표시
      22184198 22184198

      Certificates of Quality

      UFC901024 0000234282


      REFINE PROTEIN PREPARATION. Tools for better protein analysis
      Western Blotting Tools


      A centrifugal ultrafiltration-based method for enrichment of microvesicles


      Amicon Ultra units are offered in what volumes?Amicon Ultra units are available in 0.5 mL, 4mL & 15ml volumes.
      What is the recommended rotor for Amicon Ultra units?Any rotor capable of accommodating 22.7 cm in diameter and 124 mm length centrifuge tubes for the Amicon Ultra-4 and 35 mm in diameter and 121 mm in length for the Amicon Ultra-15 can be used for Amicon Ultra units.
      How should I select the appropriate Molecular Weight Cutoff (MWCO) for Amicon Ultra?Select a Molecular Weight Cutoff that is 2x smaller that the Molecular Weight (MW) of the solute of interest.
      Which membranes are available in Amicon Ultra units?Amicon Ultra units are only available with Ultracel regenerated cellulose material. This high recovery/low binding membrane is offered in 3,000, 10,000, 30,000, 50,000 & 100,000 MWCO.
      Can the Amicon Ultra be spun to dryness?No, the Amicon Ultra has a built in deadstop.
      Can the Amicon Ultra be used with nucleic acids?Yes, Amicon Ultra units have been evaluated for use with Genomic and PCR fragments. The 30 kDa MWCO provides the best balance between recovery and spin time. Protocols related to Genomic and PCR fragments can be found in the user guide.
      What is the maximum sample volume for Amicon Ultra?
      Amicon Ultra-4Amicon Ultra-15
      Swinging Bucket4ml 15ml
      Fixed Angle4ml(35 & 45 degree rotor angle)12ml(35 degree rotor angle)
      3.5ml(23 degree rotor angle)
      What is the maximum centrifugal force I can spin Amicon Ultra-4 & Amicon Ultra-15?
      Swinging Bucket4000 x g4000 x g
      3500 x g for concentrated/viscous solutions
      Fixed Angle(23, 35 &45 degrees)7500 x g5000 x g
      What is the chemical compatibility of Amicon Ultra?Amicon Ultra units are intended for use with biological fluids and aqueous solutions. Please refer to the user guide, catalogue, or contact Technical Support.
      Can Amicon Ultra units be sterilized with ethanol?Amicon Ultra is compatible with 70% Ethanol, but we have not done any studies to test for sterilization.

      User Guides

      Amicon® Ultra-15 Centrifugal Filter Devices Non IVD User guide

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