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The high-purity silica of Chromolith® monolithic HPLC columnsChromolith® monolithic HPLC columns combine speed and efficiency like never before. They are not packed with small silica particles like conventional HPLC columns. Instead, each Chromolith® column consists of a single rod of high-purity polymeric silica gel with a bimodal pore structure of macro and mesopores. The macropores reduce column back pressure, allowing significantly faster flow rates. The mesopores form a fine porous structure, which creates a very large active surface area for high-efficiency separations. For even greater efficiency, multiple Chromolith® columns can be coupled to achieve a higher theoretical plate count with still very low back pressure.

Features and Benefits

  • High throughput at high flow rates
  • Possibility of flow gradients
  • Improved security, robustness, reliability and versatility
  • Column length no longer pressure limited
  • Cost savings due to increased sample throughput
  • Added performance by column coupling
  • Significantly longer column lifetime

Relief from Back Pressure

Conventional HPLC columns often suffer from high back pressure. This reduces column lifetime, system robustness, and the operational range of flow rates. These columns are also limited in length, and in their number of theoretical plates. Moreover, increasing plate count by decreasing particle size further raises back pressure, and restricts the variety of separations possible. To truly accelerate the process, there’s no better choice than Chromolith® HPLC columns. Their unique monolithic silica technology minimizes back pressure while maximizing speed, robustness and selectivity.

Different Lengths to Suit Your Application

  • Chromolith® Flash, 25 mm length: For ultra-fast separation of simple mixtures
  • Chromolith® SpeedROD, 50 mm length: For fast separation of simple mixtures
  • Chromolith® Performance, 100 mm length: For rapid separation of more complex mixtures

Validation Kit

The Chromolith® validation kit includes three columns from three different production batches, allowing you to easily compare batch-to-batch reproducibility and quality. This makes the validation kit an ideal tool for quality control and validation laboratories.

Chromolith® HighResolution

Whereas standard Chromolith® columns have 2 μm macropores, Chromolith® HighResolution columns possess 1.15 μm macropores. This results in higher efficiency, and improved peak shape. Although this causes higher back pressure, it is still less than half that of any particulate column of the same dimensions.

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Chromolith® WidePore 300 HPLC Columns


Chromolith® WidePore 300 HPLC Columns

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