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Pluripotent Mouse ES Media

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ESGRO mLIF Medium Supplement
ESGRO media supplement for mouse ES culture
ESGRO supplement is a special formulation of mouse LIF protein. Unlike regular LIF, which is sold by weight, each lot of ESGRO supplement is sold based on its biological activity for reproducible results. The benefits of using ESGRO mLIF medium supplement include:
  • Consistent inhibition of ES cell differentiation
  • No batch-to-batch variation
  • Feeder-free cell culture
For certain cell lines, the use of ESGRO supplement allows feeder-free cell culture, saving time and giving you more control over your cells.

Mouse ES Media Supplements

Mouse ES Differentiation Media

Mouse ES Cell Expansion

Merck offers unique cell culture media solutions for mouse embryonic stem cell expansion which includes the following gold standard and proprietary products:

  • ESGRO mLIF: Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) is a critical growth factor that controls self-renewal and pluripotency in mouse ES cells.
  • ESGRO Complete Plus Medium: The ESGRO Complete system is the first to offer a complete medium for the serum-free and feeder-free culture of mouse ES cells.
  • ESGRO 2i Medium: A more defined version of ESGRO complete with a GSK and MEK inhibitor for better growth characteristics which has been shown to maintain mouse ES/iPS in naïve state.