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Latex Agglutination

Immunoassays are a technology which combines the principle of chemistry and immunology to enable scientific tests.

Estapor® microspheres are used passively in agglutination to detect antibodies or antigens.

For this application, uniform microspheres (white, dyed, or fluorescent) with different surfaces (plain, COOH, NH2, CH2Cl) and sizes (0.25-1.00 µm) are required.

Antigens or antibodies are fixed on an inert support like Estapor® Microspheres followed by addition of the sample. If the sample contains specific antibodies or antigens, an antigen-antibody reaction occurs.

The presence (a) or absence (b) of visible agglutination can be examined immediately after removing the plastic card test from the rotator.

Positive Test
Positive Test
Negative Test
Negative Test