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INTERPHEX 2020 - Cnoverge, Intensify, and Evolve. Together.
Interphex Exhibitor Awards

Merck is excited to win two Interphex Exhibitor Awards for 2020!

  • Best in Show - The BioContinuum™ Buffer Delivery Platform
  • Editor’s Choice - The BioReliance® Blazar™ Platform

Read the official Interphex Press Release for full details.


Venue Information

Javits Center - NY

Javits Center
429 11th Ave
New York, NY 10001
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Join us in 2021 at Interphex

New Event Date: October 19-21, 2021

Explore the Latest Developments Through Our Interactive Experience

Bioprocess 4.0

Bioprocess 4.0

Explore Bioprocessing 4.0 – the next era in bioprocessing technology. Learn to leverage intensified, connected, and continuous manufacturing technologies and rapid biosafety services, automation, and analytics.

Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy

Draw on our experience to find solutions for your process development, scale-up, manufacturing, testing, and regulatory challenges. Our innovative technologies can help accelerate your cell and gene therapy development.

Actives and Formulation

Actives and Formulation

Discover how you can gain more control in your formulation today. Learn how to ensure proper API stability, release profile and bioavailability needed for the desired therapeutic effectiveness. You will also find solutions for ADC manufacturing and risk management.

New Products, Services, and Software

Bio4C™ ProcessPad software

Bio4C™ ProcessPad software is a browser-based bioprocessing software platform for data acquisition, aggregation and analysis uniquely developed by biopharma peers to effectively manage the velocity and volume of complex, disparate electronic and batch record data sources across the process and product lifecycle in near real-time. To learn more about the Bio4C™ ProcessPad software, please watch the on-demand virtual announcement.

Bio4C™ Suite

The Bio4C™ Suite is comprised of stand-alone but compatible software products which enable biopharma manufacturers to control multiple unit operations, connect unit operations so they all work together, collect, manage, and analyze the huge amount of data bioprocessing generates, and collaborate across global teams and organizational boundaries.

The Blazar™ platform

The Blazar™ platform from the BioReliance® portfolio combines a degenerate PCR approach to deliver accurate and highly sensitive viral detection in just days – decreasing both cell line characterization and lot release testing times. Combining the breadth of detection of NGS with the speed and sensitivity of PCR, the Blazar™ platform offers a much broader range of adventitious virus detection compared to traditional PCR methods.

Benzonase<sup>®</sup> endonuclease Safety Plus

Benzonase® endonuclease Safety Plus Emprove® Expert— the smart solution for DNA removal in biopharmaceutical production has proven its value for over 30 years. It balances efficiency and regulatory compliance by delivering reliability and high-quality manufacturing under good manufacturing practices (GMP ICH Q7).

Cellvento<sup>®</sup> 4CHO-X Expansion Medium

Cellvento® 4CHO-X Expansion Medium supports cell expansion including N-1 perfusion for Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines. It is formulated with a high nutrient concentration to achieve low cell specific perfusion rates (CSPRs) at high cell densities.

Benchtop Cellicon™ Perfusion Solution

The benchtop Cellicon™ Perfusion Solution is designed to meet your N-1 seed train intensification challenges. It consists of a controller and a flat sheet cell retention filter built in a single-use assembly. This easy-to-use solution increases perfusion process efficiency, provides real-time monitoring and control for reliable and consistent performance.

Eshmuno<sup>®</sup> CMX resin

Eshmuno® CMX resin is a highly selective mixed mode chromatography resin that combines weak cation exchange properties with hydrophobic interaction, providing high selectivity for difficult to purify mAb, fusion protein and ADCs as well as separation of low molecular weight impurities, host cell proteins (HCPs) and glycovariants.

Viresolve<sup>®</sup> Pro Micro 40 Device

Viresolve® Pro Micro 40 Device is part of the Viresolve® Pro Solution and is a fully representative scaling tool made with the same thermal bonding technology and materials of construction as the larger production-scale Viresolve® Pro Modus and Magnus Devices. This new small-scale virus filter offers enhanced flexibility enabling users to perform their own E&L studies and operate at higher flux.

Millipak<sup>®</sup> Final Fill capsule filters

Millipak® Final Fill capsule filters were designed for reliable sterile filtration of high value products. The filter's stacked disc design minimizes hold-up volume, maximizing product recovery and the specialized port protects the flow-path from contamination. Millipak® Final Fill filters are easy to integrate into your single-use system and contain our trusted Durapore® membrane in multiple pore sizes for your different process needs.