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Merck Steritest™ NEO Sterility Testing Devices Upgraded for Improved Safety, Ease of Use

Steritest™ NEO Sterility Testing Devices

18 December 2019

One year after introducing its 4th generation of Steritest™ membrane filtration devices, Merck has added smart features that help improve safety and ease of use, continuously answering its end-users needs.

Steritest™ NEO devices now include:

  • A protective cap in two parts allowing use of a short or long needle for greater flexibility
  • Newly designed needle protective caps and guards for safer handling
  • A short needle for improved dexterity when sampling small cartridges or soft plastic containers
  • A new placement mark on the tubing for optimal positioning in the pump head

These upgrades improve the user experience with no change in the materials that come into contact with the tested fluid or in performance specification. Every closed Steritest™ NEO device comes with quality certificate that includes data from rigorous in-process and release testing to ensure peace of mind.

For almost 45 years, Merck has been a leader in sterility testing, and was the first to market with the Steritest™ closed filtration device in 1974. Merck’s Steritest™ devices reduce the risk of false positive and negative results, increasing reliability and improving workflow for lab technicians around the world.

Watch videos to learn more about the Steritest™ NEO devices