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Granulated culture media

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for effective growth of fruit juice spoilage microorganisms

offers a wide range of dehydrated culture media for fruit juice spoilage organisms, including lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria, yeasts and molds.

The genus Alicyclobacillus consists of Gram-positive, acidophilic and thermophilic, spore-forming bacteria typically found in soil. Alicyclobacillus spores, often brought into food manufacturing facilities on contaminated fruit, are able to survive typical pasteurization procedures. The non-pathogenic bacteria can cause off-flavors in the final product, especially affecting fruit juices, concentrates, and preparations as well as tomato products. Spoilage of shelf stable fruit juice products by Alicyclobacillus bacteria can be very costly to fruit juice producers.

The spores, often present in fruit concentrates, are heat resistant and can survive heat processes used by juice manufacturers. It is therefore important that concentrates and other raw materials are screened for spores of these taint producers to reduce the risk of spoilage of processed products.

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