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Dilution, Enrichment & Microbial Enumeration


Cultivation in Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Manufacturing

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Dehydrated Culture Media for Dilution, Enrichment
and Enumeration of Microorganisms

Merck provides a wide range of granulated dehydrated culture media (DCM) for the dilution, enrichment and enumeration of specific groups of microorganisms and for other testing applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Our dehydrated culture media for culturing microorganisms are based on a unique granulation technology which guarantees the utmost convenience and safety of our products while meeting the highest industry performance standards as described in ISO 11133.

Applications / Microorganisms for which Merck Provides Granulated Dehydrated Culture Media
  • Aerobes
  • Anaerobes
  • Diluents
  • Environmental tests
  • Media fill
  • Microbial limit test
  • Preservative effectiveness
  • Yeasts & molds

Please refer to the corresponding pages for more information about these microorganisms and applications for related culture media products.

Granulated Dehydrated Culture Media Video

Granulated Dehydrated Culture Media

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