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Media Fills in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Superior Quality Culture Media for Reliable Media Fill Trials

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When performing media fill trials, you shouldn’t have to worry about culture media compromising your validated process. You won’t with Merck’s irradiated granulated and ready-to-use culture media. Every batch is carefully tested for sterility and growth performance. All our culture media are supplied triple-wrapped and cleanroom ready – for the ultimate security of your aseptic process.

Culture Media for Aseptic Process Simulations

  • Choice of compositions: standard Tryptic Soy Broth; or non-animal peptone broth
  • Flexible formats: Granulated culture media in 500 g or 5 Kg triple-wrapped drums; ready-to-use liquid media in 10 L bags; and customized sizes upon request
  • Validated sterilization process
  • Free of Mycoplasma and BSE
  • Triple-wrapped for safe transfer to cleanrooms
  • Proven growth performance exceeding EP/JP/USP standards

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Dehydrated Culture Media for Media Fill

Granulated Culture Media

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Liquid Culture Media for Media Fill

Ready-to-Use Liquid Media

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Comparison of Dehydrated Culture Media for Efficient Media Fill Testing by Evaluating Cold Filterability

Application Note

Comparison study on cold filtration performance of TSB and non-animal TSB

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Granulated Dehydrated Culture Media Video

Granulated Dehydrated Culture Media

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