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Functional Excipients with Unique Particle Properties

Tableting formulationWhen you design a solid dosage form, there are many factors to consider: the active ingredient, bioavailability enhancement, release kinetics, specific dosage, packaging, shelf life, and more. Our Parteck® excipients were designed with the formulator’s challenges in mind and are particle optimized for excellent performance in formulation development and manufacture. Backed by the Emprove® program with its stringent quality control, as well as regulatory support and documentation, Parteck® excipients help to speed up your approval processes.
Flexible Tableting
  • High tablet hardness at low compression forces, providing tablet robustness and rapid disintegration
  • High and low API dosages enabled by the unique particle surface
  • Specialized excipients for direct compression, wet and dry granulation, film coating, lubrication, and rapid disintegration
Optimized Drug Delivery
  • Options for modifying release kinetics, such as orally disintegrating tablets and sustained-release solid oral formulations
  • Specialized excipients for different routes of administration, including dry powder inhalation
Enhanced Solubility
  • Specialized excipients for hot melt extrusion, dissolution rate enhancement in tableting and a silica drug carrier with a unique surface structure
  • Enhanced API solubility to boost the efficacy of your final drug product

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