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Bioprocessing Systems Specialized Support Services

Services designed to your needs

Your process and products are unique, and our goal is to help you achieve the highest quality possible.

Our engineers, scientists and consultants will work closely with you throughout your product’s life-cycle to optimize the performance of your system.


Application Support
Our consultants are available to you throughout your product’s life-cycle. From the early phases of evaluating your system and product needs, to validation and test runs, our team is there to support you along the way. Either at your site, in one of our nine M Lab™ Collaboration Centers, or remotely; you can decide. And, as your manufacturing needs evolve, we are there with the scale-up support you need to grow efficiently while maintaining your process performance.
Common Control Platform (CCP®) Software Recipe Design
Consistent, reliable and repeatable performance is critical to your success. With our CCP® software recipe design service, our biomanufacturing engineers will help you configure a unique automated process recipe, reducing variability and the risk of operator error.
Gradient Testing
Mixing is a key process parameter for some applications, which can have significant impact on your final product. To give you peace of mind that your system is achieving maximum mixing efficiency, we offer our gradient testing service. With this service, linear and step gradient tests will be performed to verify mixing gradient accuracy. This service can be performed using common industry practices, or your unique, processing conditions.
Network Qualification
Our Integritest® 5 system is able to connect to your on-site network for easier data storage, test log backup, multi-unit clustering and more. The Network Qualification service for Integritest® 5 will document that the system functions properly when configured to your on-site network applications.

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