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Phosphoserine Antibodies

Millipore’s phosphoserine antibodies, including the popular 4A4 clone, demonstrate sensitivity and detect multiple serine phosphorylations on numerous substrates. See below for pSer antibodies.

The identification of protein phosphorylation as a regulatory mechanism originated from studies by Fischer and Krebs. It is the major mechanism for the regulation of many cellular processes including cell division, protein synthesis, transcriptional regulation and neurotransmission. The steady state phosphorylation of any given substrate is governed by the opposing activities of kinases and phosphatases. It is now believed that a third of all eukaryotic cellular proteins are phosphorylated and that the majority of all phosphorylation events occur on serine and threonine residues.



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Número de referenciaDescripciónReactividad según especiesFormatoTamaño de envase
05-1000Anti-Phosphoserine Antibody, clone 4A4 (mouse IgG1) Vertebrados Purificado 100 µg Precios y disponibilidad
05-1000XAnti-Phosphoserine Antibody, clone 4A4 Vertebrados Purificado 50 µg Precios y disponibilidad

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