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“Notification of Implementation”

PRODUCTNotification NumberTitle
Microporous Membrane Disc Product Packaging PR04918 New Packaging for Microporous Filter Membrane Discs and Prefilters/Support Pads
Isopore® Polycarbonate Membrane Products
Biopore™ PTFE Membrane
Fluoropore™ PTFE Membrane Products PR04844 Rev 02-16 PTFE Raw Material Change for Membrane Roll and Cut Disc Products
Mitex™ PTFE Membrane Products
Omnipore™ PTFE Membrane Products
Immobilon® PVDF Membrane Products
Ultracel® Regenerated Cellulose Ultrafiltration Membrane Products
Millipore Express® Polyethersulfone Membrane Products
Durapore® PVDF Membrane Products PR05065_SVPP The membrane support component of this membrane is changing to a similar, slightly thicker material. As a result of this change, the thickness specification for this membrane will change from 125 µm to 160 µm.
MF-Millipore™ and Immobilon® Mixed Cellulose Esters Membrane Products