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Complaint Management

Merck is Optimizing Complaint Management

Handling complaints about quality and answering technical and product-related questions are particularly important to Merck. Maintaining transparent and efficient processes requires constant development in the handling of complaints and questions. Contact us.

TrackWise is the Future

Merck has decided to use TrackWise (TW) from Sparta Systems and to map out the entire "workflow" of question management in the software. As a web-based software, TrackWise can be easily opened using a web browser. We opted for TrackWise because it maps out and supports existing internal processes in a practical way. This makes it possible to optimally fulfill customer expectations with regard to short processing times and to comply with legal requirements.

Improving Working Processes

In addition to the reception and handling of questions, there is a direct effect on working processes, consequently permitting the results of complaint processing to be incorporated into corrections. Individual results are routed to the responsible person in the complaints department, who bundles questions, responds to them specifically, and coordinates all of the necessary internal steps.

It is possible for the first time within a single system to also initiate CAPA (corrective action and preventive action) processes that are a central component for process and product improvement. The possibility of deriving key performance indicators (KPIs) contributes to transparency and to improving the overall process.

The Focus is on the Customer

In the chemicals division, the introduction of the new web-based Software TrackWise marks another milestone on the road to ideal service-oriented dealings with customers and contract partners. Merck handles more than 10,000 questions per year that cover the entire spectrum of more than 15,000 products.

Modern systems make it possible for the complaints management to monitor complex processes and to encourage improvements in cooperation with other departments. It is thus possible to describe and proactively support the entire path of a complaint – i.e. from the customer, through all of the involved departments, up to headquarters.

TrackWise assures transparency, efficiency, and short response times to customer questions: Optimal handling of complaints makes a critical contribution to Merck's continuing expansion of its leadership position, offering products of known high quality and its signature service in customer care – and also places special emphasis on the concept "Peace of Mind".


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