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From point of manufacturing to point of use:
BioContinuum™ Buffer Delivery Platform

Biomanufacturing requires large volumes of buffers for downstream processing, which can often be a bottleneck. As processes evolve and intensify, additional focus has been placed on reducing bottlenecks, footprint and capital expenditures while delivering the right buffers at the right time and specifications.

The BioContinuum™ Buffer Delivery Platform is a configurable offering of buffer concentrates, buffer dilution system, single-use assemblies, and services tailored to provide the highest level of accuracy and precision for absolute certainty in buffer preparation and management. Whether designing a new, low-overhead facility or expanding capacity at an existing facility, the BioContinuum™ Buffer Delivery Platform delivers a competitive edge by reliably supplying your process buffers from point of manufacturing to point of use utilizing a fraction of the resources and facility space.

  • Simplify buffer preparation and management with an integrated offering of buffer concentrates, buffer delivery system, Mobius® MyWay Select single-use assemblies and services
  • Reduced manufacturing footprint devoted to buffer preparation and management
  • Increase speed and flexibility in buffer preparation to meet the needs of evolving manufacturing demands
  • Increase operator safety by reduced handling of dry powders
  • Integrated quality using Emprove® raw materials, Mobius® MyWay Select single-use assemblies and robust volumetric dilution control

Miniaturize and simplify your buffer suite for a perfectly balanced factory of the future!

Sterile Filtered Buffer Concentrates

Ready to use, pre-titered buffer concentrates are available on demand enabling you to easily, quickly and accurately dilute sterile liquid buffer concentrates to meet your evolving downstream processing requirements.

  • Reduce your operating footprint and facility CAPEX associated with traditional buffer prep (>20%)
  • Reallocate labor, normally associated with buffer preparation, to more value-add operations

Opportunity to improve sustainability by reducing chemical waste and WFI use, due to right sized buffer delivery.

Buffer Dilution System

Designed to streamline buffer preparation in a reduced facility footprint, our buffer dilution system allows you to prepare accurate buffers from concentrate, reducing bottlenecks with additional flexibility that meets your timeline, specifications, and quality standards.

  • Automatically prepares accurate buffers based on volumetric flow control, utilizing Lewa Ecodos® metering pumps with Intellidrive®, ensuring consistent buffer composition
  • Superior volumetric control minimizes process deviations, ensures fewer non-conforming batches and operational efficiency
  • Enables dilution factors up to 50:1 with variation of ≤±1.0% in accuracy and precision
  • Designed for mixing to reduce time required to reach setpoints
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination with a direct connection to purified water

Mobius® Select Single-Use Assemblies

Configure-to-order assemblies from an optimized and pre-qualified components library, shipped in only 6 weeks.

  • An optimized component library based on analysis of historical assembly designs for every application
  • The perfect balance of off-the-shelf speed and custom flexibility
  • Monitored component supply levels for reliable delivery dates
  • Comprehensive documentation for fast and easy implementation

Comprehensive Range of Value-Added Services and Support

Services throughout the life of your system to ensure lower costs and time saving

  • Factory Acceptance Testing to demonstrate compliance with technical and functional specifications prior to delivery
  • Site Acceptance Testing to verify that performance and functionality were not altered during transportation
  • Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification to certify that all the specifications are met
  • Operator training is specifically designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing personnel, making certain they operate the system successfully and reliably
  • Preventive maintenance helps to ascertain the consistent and durable performance of your system, reducing the risk for costly repair and potential downtime
  • Software training helps you creating your own recipes and managing your system, enabling you to adapt to varying process characteristics during process development