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About Our Brands

Merck brings together 6 of the world’s leading Life Science brands
to help you solve your toughest problems in life science.


We understand that in research, diagnostics and production, access to lab materials and answers, is critical to progress and success.

That’s why Merck offers the Sigma-Aldrich® portfolio, a strong and always-expanding portfolio of lab and production materials. Our products are designed to be simple and efficient to help keep our customers’ important work moving forward. And through our technical support and our scientific partnerships, we help connect our customers to a whole world of progress.

And because we share our customers’ quest for scientific advancement, we dedicate ourselves to supporting them at every step.

The Sigma-Aldrich® portfolio includes products such as:

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We understand that in bringing products to market, safety, reliability, consistency and compliance are critical for you.

That is why Millipore®, a Merck brand, offers an ecosystem of industry-leading products and services, spanning preparation, separation, filtration and monitoring - all of which are deeply rooted in quality, reliability, and time-tested processes.

The Millipore® portfolio includes products such as:

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In any life science lab, the quality and purity of water directly correlates to the accuracy and reliability of any experiment performed.

That is why Merck created the Milli-Q® portfolio of Lab Water solutions that takes care of all your needs, letting you focus on your vital work. Milli-Q® solutions are backed up by consistent quality and full compliance, and we ensure our systems and consumables work seamlessly together to minimize wastage of precious space, time and funds in your lab.


The Milli-Q® portfolio includes products such as:

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Bringing safe new treatments to market requires an adaptive partner with specialist expertise.

That is why Merck offers BioReliance® – a partner for you through every step, from drug discovery to market approval, with our broad portfolio of biopharmaceutical characterization, safety testing and process development, as well as clinical and commercial biomanufacturing. Our experienced teams paired with our operational expertise and deep regulatory understanding help you minimize risk at every step of your process.

We are the partner who supports you all the way – with your vital goal in mind.

The BioReliance® portfolio includes services such as:

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We know only the most precise analytical products will do.

That’s why Merck offers the Supelco® portfolio of analytical products, putting quality and compliance at the forefront of our work to ensure your results are reproducible and your systems fully certified.

Our robust portfolio, developed by analytical chemists for analytical chemists, covers a broad range of analytical solutions and every product undergoes meticulous quality control to maintain the integrity of your testing protocols.

And with Supelco® scientists dedicated to your lab, the expertise you need is always on hand.

The Supelco® portfolio includes products such as:

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Bringing pharma and biopharma products to market requires a trusted raw materials expert who can support you with exactly the products, services and expertise you need.

That is why Merck created the SAFC® portfolio of custom and ready-to-use critical raw material solutions. All our products are backed by an experienced and responsive team with deep technical, quality and regulatory expertise who can tailor solutions to precisely fit your process.

The SAFC® portfolio includes:

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