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Spectroquant® Move DC
Mobile Colorimeter

How Mobile Is Your Lab?

Spectroquant® Move 100 CaseDo you need to make quick decisions during on-site analyses or in-process controls? Do you have to act fast to avoid deterioration or contamination of your sample, for example during chlorine measurements? Merck offers the optimal solution: Take your lab to the sample with the Spectroquant® Move 100 – and enjoy rapid, reliable results on the spot.

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Feature and Benefits
  • Convenient: Easily analyze drinking and waste water with one instrument that’s pre-programmed for over 100 parameters
  • Comprehensive: Always obtain accurate results using a wide choice of measuring ranges to suit your needs
  • Robust: Useable even in wet or dusty environment thanks to IP 68 classification
  • Reliable: Secure your results using simplified Analytical Quality Assurance and enhanced documentation

Accurate Analysis – Anywhere

Spectroquant® Move 100The Spectroquant® Move 100 is all you need for rapid, reliable water analysis when working on site. That’s because this small, portable colorimeter covers every important parameter of drinking and waste water analysis in one instrument. With a choice of over 100 pre-programmed and 35 user-defined methods, you will always have the most suitable test for accurate results – on the spot. This means no delays, no risk of sample deterioration, and no need for additional instruments.

Always Working

The Spectroquant® Move 100 is specially crafted to withstand the demands of on-site water analysis. The casing is dust tight and waterproof acc. to IP 68 classification. The design of this easy-to-handle colorimeter also excludes any moving parts, thus adding to the instrument’s robustness.

Secure Results

Developed for use with Merck’s high-quality Spectroquant® test kits, the Spectroquant® Move 100 guarantees rapid and reliable results. Thanks to our enhanced Quality Certificate documentation for the test kits, and Spectroquant® Verification Standard, this complete package greatly simplifies Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA).


Spectroquant® Data Transfer: Store and Print Results

Spectroquant® Move 100 with data transfer unitUsing modern infrared technology, Spectroquant® Data Transfer allows you to easily and quickly transmit or print your measurement data from the Spectroquant® Move 100 Colorimeter. The package includes data transfer software, which is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Measurements may be saved on your PC as an Excel sheet or .txt file. Alternatively, the data can be printed out using a USB1 or a printer with a serial plug-in2 connected to the Spectroquant® Data Transfer
1) With printer language HPPCL, version 5 and below
2) Any ASCII printer

Spectroquant® Verification Standard: Simplify Your AQA

Spectroquant® Verification StandardMerck’s well-known Spectroquant® Verification Standard is also suitable for the Spectroquant® Move 100 and lets you easily verify the calibration of your colorimeter.

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