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70049 pBACgus-2cp DNA

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      pBACgus-2cp is a baculovirus transfer plasmid designed for simplified cloning and expression of target genes in insect cells. The plasmid is compatible with BacVector™-1000, -2000 or -3000 Triple Cut Virus DNA for low background transfection and efficient utilization of the polh promoter. The plasmid also carries the gus gene encoding b-glucuronidase under control of the late basic protein promoter (P6.9), which serves as a reporter to verify recombinant viruses by staining with X-gluc. pBACgus-2cp provides an ATG start codon at the optimal position relative to native polyhedrin translation signals. Cloning sites are provided for the creation of N-terminal fusions of an insert with His•Tag® and/or S•Tag™ sequences. A Ligation-Independent Cloning (LIC) version of the vector is available for rapid, directional cloning of PCR products adjacent to the enterokinase cleavage site. The vector provides optional expression of a C-terminal His•Tag fusion sequence by allowing read-through of inserts in the proper reading frame. Unique restriction sites are indicated on the circle map.
      Catalogue Number70049
      Brand Family Novagen®
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      Insect Cell Expression


    • Carla V. Finkielstein, Michael Overduin and Daniel G. Capelluto. (2006) Cell migration and signaling specificity is determined by Rac1's phosphatidylserine recognition motif. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281, 27317-27326.
    • Vector Map

      TB141VM pBACgus-2cp Vector Map

      Vector Sequence

      pBACgus-2cp Sequence

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