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The EZ-Product Family

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Make Your Microbiology Workflow EZ

The EZ-Product family includes the EZ-Fit™ Manifold, the EZ-Pak® Dispenser Curve, the EZ-Stream™ Pump, the EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System and the EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit. In combination, these products provide optimal performance and streamline your bioburden analysis workflow.

EZ-Fit Filtration Unit

EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit

The EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit is a disposable filtration device for bioburden testing of liquid samples including water, in-process samples, and final products.

EZ-Fit Manifold

EZ-Fit™ Manifold

The EZ-Fit™ Manifold makes laboratory filtration easier. Its unique design includes quick-fit connections for assembly and disassembly without tools and a low profile to increase operator comfort. Plus, all internal areas are accessible for easy cleaning, facilitating biofilm prevention. Different filtration heads, all with quick-fit connections, make the manifold compatible with disposable filtration devices, stainless steel and glass funnels.

EZ-Pak Dispenser Curve

EZ-Pak® Dispenser Curve

The dispenser provides high-speed sterile membrane dispensing with no-touch operation. The new, improved design allows for quick and easy membrane loading.

EZ-Stream Pump

EZ-Stream™ Pump

Completing your filtration set-up, the EZ-Stream™ Pump increases efficiency. Fluid flows directly through the pump to waste, eliminating the need for intermediate waste containers. The pump is designed for quiet operation, and the vacuum level is compliant with regulatory standards.

EZ Fluo™ Rapid Detection System

EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System

The EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System is an easy-to-use, non-destructive, fluorescent staining-based system for rapid detection and quantification of microbial contamination in filterable samples.

Testing for E. coli and coliforms in drinking water

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Testing for E. coli
and coliforms
in drinking water

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