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71859 Gateway® Nova pET-56-DEST Expression System

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Gateway® Nova pET-56-DEST™ vector is designed to create expression clones (pEXPR) that are fused to an N-terminal S•Tag™ coding sequence. If the pENTR clone lacks a stop codon and is appropriately designed for a C-terminal fusion, the target in the recombinant pEXPR clone will also be fused to a C-terminal His•Tag® coding sequence. The S•Tag sequence allows quantification of the fusion protein using the FRETWorks™ assay (Cat. No. 70724). The tag can also be used for purification and detection. The expression system contains Nova F- Competent Cells for cloning, Rosetta™ 2 (DE3) Competent Cells for expression, control plasmids for transformation and for recombination/expression, and the LR Clonase® II enzyme necessary for the Gateway recombination reaction.
Catalogue Number71859
Brand Family Novagen®
Product Information
Biological Information
Physicochemical Information
Materials Information
Toxicological Information
Safety Information according to GHS
Safety Information
R PhraseR: 36/38

Irritating to eyes and skin.
S PhraseS: 22-26-36

Do not breathe dust.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
Wear suitable protective clothing.
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Ship Code Dry Ice Only
Toxicity Irritant
Storage ≤ -70°C
Do not freeze Ok to freeze
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71859 0