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Titrimetric and Colorimetric Tests for Aquaculture, Limnology, Environment and School

MQuant® colorimetric and titrimetric test system for medium concentrations is the specialist for water analysis in aquaculture, limnology, and in the environment. Furthermore, you can use it in school lessons, too. The product range comprises both titrimetric as well as colorimetric tests. Their handling could not be easier.

In the titration tests the sample is titrated until the color changes. The concentration of the tested parameter is determined by the number of drops consumed to the turning point or the scalar value read off from a pipette. For performing the colorimetric tests a color reaction is produced by adding reagents to the sample solution. 
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By comparing the color with color values on a reference scale the corresponding concentration can be read off. See our portfolio of MQuant® colorimetric and titrimetric test system for medium concentrations and find the perfect product for your application.

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