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Sampling, Filtration, Culturing
and Incubation

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Sampling is the fundamental step of sanitary water testing. An appropriate, representative sample is critical for accurate results. Merck offers products for collecting samples from both in-line purified water and water in the field.


Filtration is a key step for maximizing recovery of microorganisms while avoiding exogenous contamination. Merck’s filter devices are pre-sterilized and ready-to-use, eliminating time-consuming preparation steps. Additionally, all the filtration devices are designed with features that prevent exogenous contamination and facilitate uniform recovery of microorganisms. Hardware and accessories for filtration, such as membrane dispensers and pumps, as well as validation protocols, validation support, and maintenance contracts combine to provide a complete solution for all your filtration needs.


CulturingCulturing is an important step that is affected by the quality of the growth medium. As the first supplier of pharmaceutical materials worldwide, Merck offers you a wide selection of culture media. We carefully select and analyze the individual ingredients of culture media to ensure that final culture media products provide consistent performances. From 2 ml liquid media in ampoule to dehydrated culture media to ready-to-use media, we can respond to our user’s needs and to regulations requirements.


Incubation is the final step before enumerating microorganisms. Merck offers single and dual chamber incubators to provide dependable performance in both the lab and the field. These incubators are designed for recovery of indicator organisms (total and fecal coliforms, and fecal streptococci) as well as other microorganisms.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance with Routine Testing

Routine testing using Merck’s membrane filtration products will help you maintain compliance with regulations and obtain accurate, dependable results. Whether you need to test in a lab or in the field, Merck has the right product for microbiological analysis of water to suit your application. You can find solutions for testing the following: Milliflex Oasis® Filtration System
  • Ambient and environmental water
  • Recreational water
  • Wastewater
  • Drinking and mineral water
  • Purified and industrial water
  • Dialysis and dental water
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Milliflex Oasis® System

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