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Hydrophilic Membranes


Hydrophilic membrane for liquid & particle filtration

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Find the right filtration solution for your medical device design from our broad range of membranes. We have biocompatibility, toxicology, drug compatibility, solvent compatibility, and other data available.

Typical Applications

  • IV Therapy 
  • Ophthalmic 
  • Radio-labeled drugs 
  • Blood, plasma drugs 
  • Irrigation 
  • Clinical Reagents 

Merck Express Membrane

The first Merck membrane to deliver: high flow for faster filtration; high throughput for increased retention; and low protein-binding for minimal adsorption. Ideal for use in many devices, especially 96-hour IV filters and other extended applications. Low extractable levels. Excellent sealing to most plastics.

Durapore Membrane (PVDF)

This unique polyvinylidene fluoride membrane is one of the lowest protein-binding membranes available -- binding far less protein than nitrocellulose, nylon, or PTFE. Compatible with a broad range of chemicals. Available in a wide range of pore sizes. It's the same membrane that is used by pharmaceutical companies around the world for process filtration of pharmaceuticals.

MF-Merck Membrane

The most economical choice for basic aqueous filtration. It provides excellent flow, throughput, and value. Available in just about any pore size from 0.025 to 8 µm.

Gemini Patterned Membrane Process

By combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions on one membrane, this unique process eliminates air-locking in filtration devices used for irrigation, suction, radiology, and imaging. The process can be applied to PES, PTFE, and PVDF membranes.

Irrigation and Suction

Filter units with Gemini-treated membranes can be used to dispense and suction fluids, such as irrigation fluids used during eye surgery.

Radiology and Imaging

Gemini membranes eliminate handling of air-locked units during filtration of radioactive or other potentially harmful solutions.

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethelene (UPE)

A good value, versatile and seals well to most plastics.


Polypropylene, glass fiber, and reinforced mixed cellulose esters filters are available. Polypropylene has low extractables and has been treated with a patented chemistry to prevent protein binding. Cellulose esters are formed on a cellulose or polyester web for easier manufacturing.

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