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The Genetically Modified Mouse: An Indispensable Tool for Disease Modeling

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Transgenic and gene knockout technologies are powerful tools for studying gene function. A commonly used method for creating transgenic and knockout mice involves the introduction of genetically modified ES cells into early-stage mouse embryos by either blastocyst injection or aggregation techniques. These methods result in the generation of chimeric offspring; the genetic modification may be transmitted to successive generations if the ES cells contribute to the germline.

To enable embryo collection, manipulation, and transfer, Merck offers a wide selection of mouse embryo media and reagents, including M-2, modified M16, and proprietary KSOM media formulations. Each lot of mouse embryo media is QC tested on mouse embryos and manufactured using the highest quality raw materials available to ensure proper mouse embryo development. Each of our mouse embryo media products are manufactured routinely (every 2 months) to ensure consistent supply.

New Product Focus

Advanced KSOM is a new uniquely buffered modified version of the original KSOM formulation that enables:
  • One medium for both embryo handling in atmospheric conditions and culturing in CO2 incubator.
  • Higher frequency of blastocyst formation across multiple mice strains
  • No medium pre-equilibration step required
Product Description
Cat No.
EmbryoMax® Advanced KSOM Embryo Medium MR-101-D

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