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PureProteome™ Magnetic Beads

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New protocol saves time and delivers consistency.
  Magnetic Beads Fight Malaria!
PureProteome™ beads used to purify malaria parasite protein:
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Complete Recovery with Reproducible Results

Merck’s new PureProteome™ magnetic beads ensure the rapid and reproducible isolation of proteins. Unlike conventional methods that require centrifugation to pellet the beads followed by careful aspiration to avoid sample loss, PureProteome™ magnetic beads are isolated using a magnetic rack. This allows for the total removal of buffers for complete recovery of beads with no sample dilution. You eliminate variability while maximizing recovery.
Advantages of PureProteome™ Beads
  • High capacity: Advanced chemistry combined with high surface area provides more binding sites for proteins.
  • Consistent results with no sample loss: Particles visible as they adhere to side of tube for quick and easy aspiration and complete buffer removal
  • Fast processing time: Beads are immobilized in seconds. Increased kinetics of bead-protein binding enables shorter incubations
  • Economical: Significantly more affordable then competitive magnetic beads
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Video: Magnetic Beads Provide Faster Processing and Less Sample Loss – See How They Work!

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