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Parteck® SLC – A multi-functional excipient for both solubility and particle engineering

Drug solubility is a critical issue in formulation development, with more and more compounds at risk due to poor oral bioavailability. Parteck® SLC mesoporous silica is used as a solubility enhancing excipient, stabilizing the moresoluble, amorphous form of a compound within nanosized pores. The high surface area of 500 m2/g and small 6 nm pores enable optimal stabilization – even at high drug loads. This makes Parteck® SLC silica an ideal option for compounds with poor glass forming ability.

This unparalleled solid-state stabilization can also be leveraged to address unstable polymorphism and variable particle profiles in drug development. Control of these two parameters is critical in pharmaceutical development as they impact product performance, processability and stability. For such cases where polymorphism or particle properties are inconsistent throughout development, Parteck® SLC silica carrier can serve as a platform technology. Loading the API within the pores of the mesoporous silica provides a consistent and reliable solid-state profile, reduces the risk of unstable polymorphism and improves API flowability, compressibility and particle homogeneity. As a result, the application of Parteck® SLC excipient enables reliable formulation and more efficient tableting processes such as direct compression or continuous manufacturing.

Benefits of Parteck® SLC

  • Solubility enhancement of APIs:
  • Unparalleled stabilization of the amorphous solid state
  • Platform approach to manage API particle and polymorph variation
  • Unique pore structure and high surface area
  • User-friendly particle properties
  • High-end application support

Cat. No.Product DescriptionQuantity
120091 Parteck® SLC 500 300 g, 1 and 25 kg

Our expert support team can assist you in exploring what Parteck® SLC offers – from early development up to production scale. For development studies, we are able to provide guidance and feasibility trials in our network of application labs across the globe. For production-scale loading, we have developed a validated commercial process for large-scale loading, more information is available on request.