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Reliable Water Purification for Results Reproducibility & Lab Productivity

For full confidence that water is not influencing your analyses, the Milli-Q® IX water purification system provides a reliable source of high-quality Type 2 pure water to feed your lab’s needs.

The Milli-Q® IX water purification system supports the needs of labs in regulated environments, where compliance, accuracy and efficiency are paramount (e.g. food & beverage, environmental and industrial testing labs; clinical labs; pharma industry). It also supports research and innovation laboratories to discover and develop the next big thing—faster (e.g. academia, research institutes, pharmaceutical research, biotech).

Video: Milli-Q® IX Water Purification System

Watch the video below to see how the Milli-Q® IX pure water system delivers consistent-quality pure water, protection from contamination, and greater lab efficiency. You can also view our demo videos below to experience some of the unique features that Milli-Q® IX system offers to support your lab’s daily work.


Milli-Q® IX system demo videos

Save Bench Space with a Wall-Mounted POD

Work More Efficiently with Volumetric Dispensing

Agile E-POD® Dispensing

Enjoy Hands-Free Dispensing

Save Time with Volumetric Dispensing

Flexibility In Pure Water Dispensing

Easy Flow Rate Control

Pure Water Where You Need It

Easy Twist & Lock Consumable Changes

Worry-Free, Self-Guided System Care

Milli-Q® IX system consumables videos

IPAK Gard® Pretreatment Packs

Integrated Tank Vent Filter

Consistent and Reliable Type 2 Pure Water Quality

Complementary and sustainable purification technologies—including our self-regenerating Elix® EDI module and mercury-free ech2o® UV lamps—ensure consistently high-quality pure water is always on hand. Final filters and polishers let you further match water quality to your specific application needs. Plus, with accurate and continuous resistivity monitoring directly on the dispenser’s touchscreen, you’ll always have full confidence in your pure water quality.
    • High-efficiency IPAK Gard® pre-treatment cartridge removes colloids, particles, free chlorine and minerals from tap water for protection of the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane to improved system performance.
    • Advanced RO removes 95–99% of contaminants including ions, particles, bacteria and large organics. Its water recovery loop reduces water consumption and it adapts to your feed water temperature or conductivity to ensure a constant production flow rate.
    • Our Elix® electrodeionization (EDI) module removes remaining ions for consistently superior quality pure water. The module continuously self-regenerates its ion-exchange resins via a small electrical field, eliminating the need for chemical regeneration procedures, reducing maintenance, and ensuring low and predictable running costs.
Compared with standard water deionizers, the Elix® EDI module produces water with constant resistivity over time
  • Mercury-free ech2o® UV lamps – Highest efficiency bacterial inactivation is achieved by mercury-free UVC LED technology emitting at 265 nm. These lamps are placed in the system's automatic recirculation loop and within the pure water storage tank for multi-targeted prevention of bacterial contamination.

Intelligent Pure Water Storage Tank

Discover our best-ever protection of stored pure water. This intelligent pure water storage solution provides multi-targeted protection from bacterial, particulate and CO2 contamination to safeguard water purity better than ever before:
  • Prior to water production, automatic rinsing of the RO membrane and the Elix® EDI module ensures that only the highest quality pure water enters the tank
  • A seamlessly integrated vent filter provides improved protection against airborne contaminants
  • The Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) prevents bacterial growth and biofilm formation by regularly irradiating stored water and tank walls
  • An overflow sensor replaces the hydraulic overflow connection to a drain, eliminating this source of retro-contamination
  • Automatic recirculation of stored water through a bactericidal UV lamp preserves water quality in the tank and ensures that high-quality Type 2 water is always on hand and ready to use

Improved Lab Sustainability through Technology & Design

Innovative purification technologies and design features minimize the environmental impact of the Milli-Q® IX water purification system. Key sustainability features include:
  • The self-regenerating Elix® EDI module eliminates the need for chemical regeneration, avoiding chemical waste and associated waste shipment and disposal fees
  • Advanced RO recycles reject water, reducing water waste and overall water consumption
  • “Lab Close” mode minimizes water and energy consumption when your lab is closed for long weekends and vacation periods
  • Bactericidal ech2o® UV lamps are mercury-free
  • Less plastic has been used for manufacturing, packaging and shipping thanks to the more compact size of the system, tank and consumables
Mercury-free UV LED Lamps

Greener Alternative Products

Milli-Q® IX lab water systems have been evaluated on 7 dimensions that have a critical impact on Global Warming: Energy & Emissions, Water, Packaging, Materials, Suppliers & Manufacturing, Circular Economy, and Usability & Innovation.

Officially awarded the Greener Alternative Product label, we certify that Milli-Q® IX systems use less plastic and less electricity, and are completely mercury free. View the Design for Sustainability scorecards for each system here:

Greener Alternative Product icon

Simple and Intuitive Use that Supports Daily Lab Efficiency

You’ll always have convenient and easy access to fresh, pure water with our ergonomic and innovative E-POD® pure water dispenser:
  • Twist the dispense wheel or tap the touchscreen—even with gloves on—to adjust flow rate or set the volume
  • Use the touchscreen to choose a dispense option, monitor water quality parameters, rapidly retrieve data, or control essential system functions
  • Try Volumetric Dispense mode to automatically fill glassware to your set volume. Just push the button, screen or foot pedal (optional) to repeat
  • See our demo videos to experience the system’s ease of use

Carefree Maintenance

Smart design features make the system easy to use and carefree to maintain:
  • Automated self-upkeep features include RO flushing and rinsing, EDI rinsing, recirculation loop, and tank UV sanitization
  • Automated alerts notify when consumables need replacing to avoid risk of impacting major components
  • Onscreen wizards guide you to perform simple maintenance and troubleshooting procedures in-house
  • Twist & Lock cartridge replacements can be confidently performed by anyone in the lab in a few minutes
  • Coordinated, once-a-year consumable replacements minimize hassle

Space-saving and Flexible Installation Options

The Milli-Q® IX system is designed to save valuable space with only the slim E-POD® dispenser on the bench. The compact purification unit and tank can be integrated under the bench, on the wall, or a combination of both to suit your requirements. A range of production flow rates (3, 5, 10, 15 L/h) and tank size (25, 50, 100L) options are available to ensure your lab's needs are fully met. Two dispensers can be supplied by one system, with up to 5 m between the PODs. This way, scientists at distant benches—or even another lab—have access to purified water.

Digital Services Simply System Care and Assure Productivity

MyMilli-Q™ Remote Care is a unique online monitoring and service feature that provides:
  • Remote access to your system and its data
  • Automatic notifications, by email or SMS, in case of an alert or alarm
  • Faster service with remote diagnostics and repair possible
  • Simplified data management and advanced traceability that eases audit and accreditation processes
MyMilli-Q™ Remote Care
The Milli-Q® IX system includes a compact purification unit (4 flow rate options), tank (25, 50 or 100 L), and E-POD® dispenser

Milli-Q® IX 7003/05/10/15 Brochure

Milli-Q® IX 7003/05/10/15 Brochure

Learn how the Milli-Q® IX system delivers constant pure water quality to meet your requirements.

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